biological product for effective water treatment


Biodestructor Komplezim B - a biological product for the effective cleaning of water bodies: lakes, ponds, reservoirs, pools and aquariums from pollution of organic origin, to reduce the content of organic substances dissolved in water, various nitrogen compounds, due to which the water decreases the content of methane, hydrogen sulfide, etc.

As a result of a decrease in organic matter in water due to the action of the drug, over time, the amount of blue-green algae in water bodies decreases, the amount of free oxygen increases and their sanitary condition improves.

The composition of the preparation includes specially selected natural strains of microorganisms of the genusBacillus, selected by targeted selection, without the use of genetic engineering methods in an amount of at least 1*109 CFU/g and a complex of specific enzymes with the addition of nutrients and minerals for the efficient operation of microorganisms.


Once in the aquatic environment, bacteria from the Komplezim-B preparation intensively consume dissolved organic decomposition products such as ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, urea, etc., thus reducing their concentration in the pond.

In aquariums, ponds and pools, due to the fast consumption of soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, minerals Komplezim-B in combination with sufficient aeration helps to cleanse water bodies, namely:

reduces the accumulation of bottom formations and the risk of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms;
prevents uncontrolled growth of plants and algae, as well as the formation of extraneous odors.

When breeding fish in artificial reservoirs, the Komplezim-B preparation allows you to maintain a healthy aquatic environment at a high population density, reducing the risk of the development of pathogenic microorganisms and without increasing the biological oxygen consumption.


The most effective effect of the preparation at temperatures of 20-45 °C

Closed reservoirs of fisheries

Mix Komplezim-B with warm non-chlorinated water in a ratio of 1:1 - 1:1.5 until a wet mass is formed. Let it brew for 60 minutes. at a temperature of plus 20-30 °С.


First use in case of heavy pollution: 20g for each m2 surface of the reservoir with a depth of up to 3m.
Current/repeated using: 10g for each m2 surface 2 times a month.

Application of the preparation is carried out in the presence of fish.

Aquariums, pools, ponds

Mix Komplezim-B with warm, non-chlorinated water in a ratio of 1:10 until a wet mass is formed. Let it brew for 60 minutes. at a temperature of from plus 20-30 °C. Stir thoroughly immediately before use. A precipitate is possible that does not affect the activity of the preparation and the objects in which it is used.


First use: 2.0ml of working solution per 1m3 (200 ml/100g m3).
Current/preventive use of 1.0ml per 1m3 (100ml/100g m3) 2 times a month.

The introduction of the preparation is carried out in the presence of fish.


The «Enzim» plant is the oldest producer of microbial biological preparations in Ukraine for agriculture, animal husbandry and pharmaceuticals.

We pay special attention to the quality control of our products (integrated quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 are introduced at the factory).

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